One Tablespoon Pizza - Slices to go

Ever thought about being able to walk into a spot which is filled with the smell of warm pizza being made, the garlic notes hanging heavy and being able to see glorious big slices of pizza with cheese browned on top? I certainly have and having known about One Tablespoon Pizza from Zenia's post a few months ago wanted to go there ever since. 

Unfortunately being the absolute weirdo that I am, I've never made the effort to actually visit the place. So what does fate do when your at your laziest procrastinating best? Gives you a sister who is awesome enough to go and grab a few slices for you. Yeah I'm that lucky :P

She brought home two slices of Pizza from One Tablespoon the other day and we ended up eating them the next day after some vigrous reheating on the pan. If you aren't using a frying pan to quickly reheat your pizza you are definitely doing something wrong. 

Coming back to the slices of pie them selves, they held up nicely to the reheating with the base crisping up nicely while still being just a tad soft on the inside. In terms of the flavor of the slices themselves, the sister picked up two very different slices with one having the regular tomato sauce and the other the bianca style one with a onion cream sauce. 

Personally I'm not a big fan of a white pizza slice even though this one held up quite well and tasted quite good. A good slice to break the monotony I guess. The tomato sauce on the other one though was quite flavorful and I'm sure would taste even better when your just grabbing and going with a nice tang to the sauce.

I can't wait to go to One Tablespoon Pizza soon and give their slices another go. However knowing my luck its probably going to be the sister who is going to pick up a slice for me.

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