Stop rolling your eyes at Roti Sabzi

It's always crazy how much you end up missing the things you don't have. Kind of brings the saying "Ghar ki murgi, dal barabar." to life. When I was in India it was only the cuisines from around the world I would want to try and indulge in. The humble roti sabzi was relegated to the everyday staple we roll our eyes at.

Fast forward a few months into MBA life and roti sabzi brings a tear to my eye. Metaphorically at least. Mention hot roti sabzi cooked out of a home kitchen though and I'm sure the beginnings of a tear well up in my eye.

While Gurjeet Aunty who delivers on campus does manage to give us an inkling of home with her Parathas and Puris, there are times it becomes repetitive. What I look forward to though is the visits to my aunts house. Not only are they some of my favorite people in the world. I get to eat hot home cooked Gujarati food. The joys of that can't be captured in words. 

Simple meals often bring us the most joy.

Let me describe the scene for you though. After a long day you have gone to visit relatives. There is the smell of potatoes and onions wafting through the air. You get seated at the table and out of the kitchen comes a hot piping roti with a kiss of ghee all over the surface. Accompanying it there is some dal which has been made with just the right amount of tadka. Following soon after is a crisp papad and some fresh green chutney.

Le Sigh. I think it is time to visit the aunts house again.