Cafe Siam, LKF - Thai Food done well

It is really strange to think of a Filipino classmate eating only veg food with me. Even stranger is them actually being satisfied with the vegetarian food and not demanding meat to make them feel full. Full props to Cafe Siam for making that happen this past weekend.

Located on the busy LKF walk up, we visited Cafe Siam after a tiring yet exhilarating day racking our brains about ways to help women reach positions of leadership. Tired and just wanting a good meal to wash things down we looked at places around us on the MBA Athlete app which our B-School has been kind enough to make available for us. Cool discounts galore BTW. How many schools do you know of which take care of their cohort like this?

The restaurant decor it self is quaint and doesn't really scream Thailand. Not that it needs to though. Muted colors and dim lighting make it the ideal place to just slow down after a long day, away from the hustle and activity laden days and nights that Hong Kong can throw ones way.

Fried Tofu

We decided to keep our meal simple with a single appetizer of Fried tofu which came loaded with a beautifully generous amount of caramelized garlic and just a few chilies to keep it company. The portion size was more than enough for the three of us that were eating there that day.

Green Thai Curry

We moved on to a simple Hot Pot with Eggplants and Green Thai Curry to satiate our hunger. The green curry wasn't too spicy and tasted extremely fresh. I'm waiting to take my German-Thai room mate here soon to get his expert opinion on the same. (He will probably say it's incomplete because it's veg and doesn't have fish sauce but I've never tasted Thai curry with it and was super happy with this one.)

Veg Hot Pot

The Hot Pot was a hearty portion and the Eggplant was silky smooth having been prepared beautifully. We hadn't asked before but were lucky to get a different colored curry in the Hot Pot, who doesn't like a different set of colors to go with their meal right?

Overall the pricing was moderate and the hit to our wallet for the meal was just 110 HKD per head (Post the 20% discount through our MBA Athlete App)

I can't wait to make my next visit.