The Butcher's Club, Quarry Bay - Vegetarian Butchering done right

A vegetarian going to a restaurant called The Butcher's Club. Let that sink in for a bit. Done? Now think about the vegetarian actually choosing the restaurant as the place to go in the first place. Even worse right? Not really when The Butchers Club has been mentioned as one of the best places to grab a Veggie Burger in Hong Kong

Located not too far away from the Quarry Bay MTR Station, The Butchers Club is a great big restaurant which has a small out door area along with more community style large tables on the inside. Sofa's line the walls of the restaurant creating nice corners where you can sit with friends like we did.

After the rough weeks that being in an MBA course throws at us being able to go to such a relaxed place was quite a relief. 

While the non-vegetarians were spoilt for choice as was obvious by the name of the restaurant the vegetarians mercifully do have something to eat here. It is named in a tongue-in-cheek way and called "What Food Eats" and is essentially a Chickpea Patty burger with Greek Mayo slathered on top.

What Food Eats @ The Butchers Club

Looking at the representative photos we all thought that the food portions would be massive ad that we would have to walk back to the MTR Station. However the burgers were a tad smaller than we anticipated to our dismay. For the price they really should be a little bit bigger. To make sure that we were full at the end of the meal we ordered the Anime Fries to go along with the Burger. A warning though one of the seasonings on the Anime Fries contains ground fish so be sure to ask for it without that seasoning like I did. 

What Food Eats with Anime Fries

The fries were crispy and the mayo slathered on top gave them a great flavor. The portion was large enough to be shared well as well. Let's return though to the star of the show, the Chickpea patty burger.

After two burgers I won't be revisiting any time soon, this one finally shows me that Hong Kong can serve up a mean Vegetarian Burger. A moist patty where the Chickpeas are bound together with potatoes and the grilled halloumi adding onto the flavour punch this burger delivered on all cylinders for me. With greek yogurt dripping down the sides of my face with every bite I took out of it there was a big smile on my face. Definitely a great find.

At a 150 HKD for the Burger (120 HKD) and Anime fries (30 HKD) combined The Butchers Club isn't really the cheapest option out there especially when you consider that in the end it is a burger. However given my poor experiences recently I am going to declare this experience totally worth it and will be revisiting it soon.