Lock Cha Tea House, Hong Kong Garden, Central

I'm lucky with the location of my office. Just thirty seconds away I have access to three different gardens. Saying that in Hong Kong is kind of freaky to me. I mean I haven't lived in many places in Hong Kong but just having access to that kind of luxury in the concrete jungle is special.


Located in one of these gardens is the Lock Cha Tea House. Easy to miss if you don't know to look for it so be on the look out when you are walking through Hong Kong Park.


When you walk in to Lock Cha feels like you could be at a wayside inn along a trade route in china a long time ago. Okay that might be culturally ignorant but it is the first thought that popped in my mind when I entered the place. Somewhere in the back of my mind I expected to look around and see folks playing mahjong with intensity while taking an afternoon break. This being central though meant that surrounding me were fellow financial services ilk with a few tourists interspersed all through out. With various vessels made to serve tea lining the walls and another wall of just teas this place took it's Tea House name seriously indeed.

Famished my friend and I quickly ordered a flurry of interesting sounding dim sums from the menu and were served them thick and fast.

I didn't want to be an burden and ruin the flow of the meal by noting down everything that was being ordered so satisfied myself just by taking photos of the excellent food.


The food was universally excellent with thin Dim Sum wrappers and interesting flavor combinations I have never ever eaten before. The food is highly dependent on the flavors of the vegetables to stand out and there is no condiments served along with the food. For someone who loves strong flavors as much as I do it was definitely going to be a

While portion sizes are minuscule I think on pays for the ambience and location having located an oasis of calm and escape in the middle of Hong Kong. I am definitely visiting here again and often. The fact that Lock Cha is completely vegetarian is just secondary but a great addition in it's value to me as I can order absolutely anything off the menu without worrying in the slightest. Not something I can say about most Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong where a lengthy discussion of what can be made vegetarian is usually a precursor to ordering.

In terms of pricing it is definitely premium with the meal costing us 220HKD with space left in our tummies to spare for sure. Do note that ordering Tea here along with your meal is mandatory.