Burger Republic, TKO - Not quite magical

Super excited to once again enter J.K.Rowling's magical Wizarding World a bunch of us headed to the Star Cinemas complex in Tseung Kwan O (TKO)'s Popcorn Mall. The movie was magical. However when we sated our hunger just before we were left with a less than magical feeling.

Opting for convenience and looking for a dinner joint in the same mall, we decided to to try out Burger Republic located right alongside and came away a little less than impressed. What worked and what didn't? In a nut shell the Fries were worth it while the Burger wasn't.

Burger Republic Facade

Brightly colored with a minimal amount of seating just in a bar-stool style format Burger Republic is decidedly grab and go especially if you are heading to the cinema close by. They even have a Cinema Combo which comes in a convenient paper tray to help you carry things easily. We were a bit early though and didn't opt for that. 

Garden Burger and Truffle Cheese Fries

Garden Burger and Truffle Cheese Fries

My meal consisted of the only Veg Burger on the Menu and the Truffle Cheese Fries (Indulgent right?) The Fries come doused in a synthetic yet oh so familiar fast food style cheese sauce which brings to mind memories of licking cheese sauce off guilty pleasure neighborhood joints when I was younger. It was topped with Truffle Dust and Truffle Oil (Not sure if it is authentic truffle oil or the one which just has the chemical compound, I'm guessing the latter) to give it an extra kick.

The burger was what they call a Garden Patty which was veggies which seemed to be bounded by rice to give the patty some body. Layered with Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuce and more the burger was appetizing to look at. In terms of taste however the burger fell extremely short. The patty was bland and without flavor, till I added some Tabasco to add some kick it just felt like there was a dry tasteless piece of tofu in the middle. 

My room mate had a shake which he very happy with and I plan to try it out next time around. I may not return for the Burger though.

In terms of price both the Burger and Fries combined cost me 117 HKD. Not the most bang for the buck. The saving grace of the evening though was the movie which was truly Fantastical and Magical.