Khyber, Kala Ghoda - Restaurant Review

There are a few restaurants which build up a reputation and tend to lean on those credentials for way too long. My recent visit to Khyber makes it seem that Khyber is one of those. Khyber is located at the turning of Kala Ghoda in South Mumbai and has been there since ages. There are stories I'm sure which a lot of South Mumbai old timers have in which a meal at Khyber features.

Having never visited them personally, I've always been a bit skeptical about the reviews which I got from friends and family. Maybe the rose colored glasses were tinting their opinion was always my worry.

When invited by a good friend though I decided why not, lets go give it a try and figure out if it is worth the hype. Long story short it isn't. Not for vegetarians at least.

The restaurant is self seems small from the outside but is like a warren of caves once you enter with passageways leading to various rooms deep inside the building. The decor has exposed brick work which lends it a bit of charm.

The meal it self started off with the paneer tikka which my I found a bit dry, my sister who accompanied us thought the taste was a bit sour overall.

Next up we quickly moved to the maincourse with the paneer makhanwala and the Malai Kofta. Of the two the Paneer Makhanwala tasted like no other Makhanwala preparation I have ever tasted. There was too much garam masala in the dish and this caused it there to be an unpleasant sensation with every bite.

The Malai Kofta was decent with a milder spice level for patrons who like that and a rich curry. Mercifully for me there weren't any raisins in the kofta (I don't like raisins but YMMV).

The Indian breads were a dissapointment with the missi roti I had coming almost deep fried and tasting quite unusual. The Garlic Naan my sister ordered was very average and many dhabas do a much better job. The Roomali roti was nice and soft and managed to salvage some pride for this age old restaurant.

Overall it was a meal I wasn't happy with and I won't be visiting again any time soon. For non vegetarians maybe the experience and preparation is better; however if I were a betting man I wouldn't bet on it.

The phone was behaving like an ass and was only taking purple photos. Apologies for not having any in this post.

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