Kurries and Burries, Chowpatty - Restaurant Review

It's always fun to be able to go to new restaurants with friends in tow. Primarily for the awesome company they provide but also because I can order a broader range of dishes and get a better idea of what the restaurant has to offer. Their opinions do weigh in as well. As a group we collectively decided to try out one of the newest joints closest to home, Kurries and Burries.

It is located in the lane right next to the legendary Crystal at Girgaum chowpatty. Be warned that there is no parking available close by; especially on a weekend as the crowds throng Chowpatty and the restaurants located all around.

The food offered by Kurries and Burries is just what you would expect in an outlet trying to serve almost QSR type Indian-Chinese and Indian-Mexican dishes. They include Burritos, Khau Suey, Thai Curry and Nachos among other dishes.

Space wise it is a tiny joint which seems to focus more on take-away and delivery however I wouldn't recommend their delivery. More on that at the end of the review.


For our meal in particular we started off with the Nachos which were nice and crisp with a healthy serving of cheese sauce. The beans were mush but thankfully not sweet so that was a definite plus point for me.

Paneer in Crackling Spinach @ Kurries and Burries

The highlight of the meal for me though was the Paneer in crackling spinach. Super oily but super yum at the same time. Garlicky crisp spinach heaped on top of batons of Paneer in spicy sauce.

For our Jain friend we did order a jain portion of the dish which while good couldn't quite match up as well as a Jain Schezwan Wok which was a nicely done dish. Now I love my onion and garlic but I could certainly think about eating the wok again.

Khau Suey @ Kurries and Burries

We also indulged in their Khau Suey as the better half is crazy about them, however I didn't enjoy it as much as the ones at Burma Burma or Busago, as there was a strange sweetness to it. I also like to assemble my Khau Suey's my self and this one didn't allow me to do quite that as it came pre-assembled.

Their Thai Green Curry was nice with a nice balance of heat in the dish. They really do need to give some sort of bowl with the dish to make it easier to eat. Minus points for that.

To go along with all the food we ordered a Hot chocolate which was served extremely hot and someone like me had to wait till almost the end of the meal to be able to sample it. Thankfully it wasn't too sweet and quite enjoyable.

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